Getting Started

This document refers to deprecated parts of the platform and has been left intact to help customers with legacy integrations. In order to access the latest platform features and documentation, please go to

You can find us on Github.

Make sure to think about your development environments before you get started

It is a best practice to use multiple environments during the development of your apps (Development, Testing, Production, etc.)

You will need a separate app id & secret for each of these environments, make sure to mention this in your request.

This will also allow us to enable debugging & analytics on your development environment if necessary.

Requesting an app id & secret

In order to properly integrate the Sentiance SDK you will need an app id & secret. You can request these by emailing to or your Sentiance project point of contact.

The app ID and secret are sensitive information and must not be shared or communicated back to Sentiance or outside of your company in any event (e.g. via email, or Slack communication).

We also advise against hard-coding the appID and secret key in your app. This is not secure and can lead to leaked credentials. Please load these credentials from a secure source such a remote server, and store them securely on the device.

Getting your app credentials

  1. You should see at least one cell with the name of your app or company

    • You may see one per development environment as mentioned above.

  2. The first field contains your app id & an easy copy button

  3. Click on "Click to reveal" under app secret

  4. You will now have an appID & secret key ready for integrating the Sentiance SDK into your mobile application

In order to perform the above steps you will need developer permissions for your app / company.

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